The Cure Back Issues.

February 2015

Recipe: Pot au Feu
The Cheese course: Valençay

December 2014

Recipe: Christmas Goose
The Cheese course: Cantal

November 2014

Recipe: Sea Urchin with Scrambled Eggs
The Cheese course: Mont d’Or
Contributor: Chef David Smart

October 2014

Recipe: Chicken and wild mushroom fricassee
The Cheese course: Bleu d’Élizabeth
Contributor: Natalie Chavarie

September 2014

Recipe: Pipérade
The Cheese course: Comté
Contributor: Hana Nelson

August 2014

Recipe: Boudin with apples
The Cheese course: Le Mi-Carême

July 2014

Recipe: Ratatouille
The Cheese course: Acadiac
Contributor: Moira Peters

June 2014

Recipe: Asparagus, sauce gribiche
The Cheese course: Laliberté
Contributor: Rousseau Chocolatier

May 2014

Recipe: Roast Chicken & Tarragon jus
The Cheese course: Lord of the Hundreds
Contributor: Boxing Rock Brewing

April 2014

Recipe: Lobster and braised leek terrine
The Cheese course: Pied-de-Vent
Contributor: Local Connections Halifax

March 2014

Recipe: Croque Monsieur
The Cheese course: Mimolette
Contributor: Field Guide

February 2014

Recipe: Braised Beef Cheeks
The Cheese course: L’Hercule de Charlevoix
Contributor: Lia Rinaldo

December 2013

Feature: All about Foie Gras
The Cheese course: Vacherin Mont d’Or
Contributor: Philip Docker

November 2013

Recipe: Cassoulet
The Cheese course: Pouligny Saint Pierre
Contributor: Susan Meldrum

October 2013

Feature: The Cheese Course
Contributor: Zahra Sethna

September 2013

Recipe: Country Omelette with Chanterelles
Contributor: Brianna Hagell

August 2013

Feature: Sausage Sampler Package
Contributor: Emily Forrest

July 2013

Recipe: Green Pea & Mint soup
Contributor: Terra Tailleur

June 2013

Recipe: Tarte à la tomate
Contributor: Jocelyn Huot

May 2013

Feature: Jambon Pays
Contributor: Natalie Chavarie

April 2013

Recipe: Sausages in the pan
Contributor: Jenna Moores

March 2013

Recipe: Rabbit stew
Contributor: Leslie Phillmore

February 2013

Recipe: Bouillabaisse et Rouille pour deux
Contributor: Lia Rinaldo

January 2013

Recipe: Tartiflette
Contributor: Linda Best

December 2012

Recipe: Christmas party canapés
Feature: Holiday charcuterie & cheese boards

November 2012

Recipe: Apple Clafoutis
Contributor: Cindy Wheatley

October 2012

Recipe: Gratin Dauphinois
Contributor: Kathy Jollimore